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Hydrogen Water Bottle
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450 ml. Alkaline H2 Water


Research indicates that only 1.5 liters of hydrogenated water is equivalent to 38 carrots, 37 pumps, 45 lettuces, and 516 apples. Hence drinking hydrogenated water is an inexpensive option for those who wish to increase the antioxidants in their body.


Consuming this hydrogen-rich water will also improve the cell health and nutrient absorption. The levels of blood glucose and fat in the body will also reduce. Digestion will improve and constipation related problems would reduce. People consuming the hydrogenated water have observed that their memory has improved and cholesterol levels reduced.


One of the main advantages of the water bottle is that the user can easily drink hydrogenated water when he is feeling thirsty. Therefore, the user will remain hydrated and this will improve the blood circulation, resulting in better health. The antioxidant properties will prevent the adverse effects of aging, and make the skin look healthier and younger. It will also improve the metabolism of the user, and he will look fitter, enjoy improved health. Thus using the high quality portable hydro-generator bottle is an affordable and effective way for improving health, fitness levels while quenching the thirst of the user and remaining hydrated.


Chemically treated and over-processed water loses its natural electrical charge, stripping it of electrons and robbing it of its natural ability to fight oxidation, aging and inflammation. With the Hydrogen Water Bottle, you can charge your water to infuse It with anti-aging, electron-rich, hydrogen. Hydrogen Water Bottle uses electrolysis to infuse an adjustable amount of activated hydrogen into drinking water to increase intracellular hydration and reduce oxidation associated with physical exertion and aging. With Hydrogen Water Bottle, it's easy to have hydrogen-rich hydration anywhere you go!


Water naturally charged by the earth is rich in molecular hydrogen and has anti-oxidant properties. Hydrogen Water Bottle charges your water to produce anti‐aging, electron rich, hydrogen infused water.


Now you can enjoy charged water everywhere you go with Hydrogen Water Bottle!


Hydrogen Water Bottle charges your water to deliver electron rich, hydrogen infused hydration to your cells to flush cellular waste and toxins from your cells! If you're going to drink water, doesn't it make sense to drink water that works vs. water that doesn't?


• Superior hydrogen hydration to fuel your life

• Hydrogen Water Bottle charges your water to produce

anti-aging, electron-rich, hydrogen-infused water

• Tap and bottled water has no charge

• Chemically treated and over processed water loses its natural electrical charge

• Drink electron-rich charged water - gives you natural energy and balance

• Consume cloudy - the cloudy or milky appearance is an abundance of H2 gas

• 75⁒ of Americans show signs of chronic dehydration

• Hydrogen Water Bottle uses electrolysis to infuse an adjustable amount of activated hydrogen (H2) into drinking water to increase intracellular hydration and reduce oxidation

• Taste and feel the difference - Enjoy the smooth, light and satisfying taste of Hydrogen Water Bottle enhanced water for optimum hydration and performance


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