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Fresh Air EcoHome by LT&B
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Fresh Air EcoHome by LT&B


• Up to 3000 ft²
• Ions •Ozone •UV •Photocatalysis


Fresh Air Purifier – Purifies, restores and regenerates air without using filters, just by means of natural technologies. The operating principle of the equipment is based on seven latest technologies, as follows: 


Photocatalytic Oxidation - PCO, Remote ionization, Needlepoint bipolar ionization; sanitation; IntelliAir

All these technologies complement and reinforce each other, resulting in a synergistic effect. It is the technology that has received the NASA status and is used to clean and regenerate the air on the US space shuttles.


The Fresh Air Purifier makes it possible to purify up to 280 m2, creating a fresh feel in the house, akin to the air after a rainstorm. It is the only air purifier that can be used in the presence of people as well as in disinfection mode: fast (only 2 hours) air purification and removal of odors, bacteria, chemicals from interior pieces (curtains, upholstered furniture, carpets, clothes).


Applications: cottages, apartments, schools, kindergartens, offices, cafes, restaurants, stores, hotels, beauty salons, fitness centers, medical institutions, casinos, nightclubs, auto repair shops, professional cleaning, agriculture, etc.



The air passing through the protective screen that removes static electricity enters a special photocatalysis unit, where bacteria are eradicated, and chemical compounds react resulting is neutral substances (oxygen, carbon dioxide and water). Next, it is saturated with ions, hydroperoxides and other safe oxidizing agents and purifies the air in the space where the purifier is located. Unpleasant odors are eliminated in the intensive cleaning and/or disinfection mode. No miracles, just the laws of chemistry and physics.




Normal Mode: Background air purification, removing dust, allergens, bacteria. Operating in the presence of people.


Intensive Cleaning 'Purifier Mode': Removal of odors, chemicals, bacteria, viruses with the help of an adjustable ozone output. Creats a fresh feel in the house, akin to the air after a rainstorm. Operating in the presence of people.


Disinfection 'Away Mode': Purifying and disinfecting the air, furnishings (furniture, curtains, bed linen) and surfaces from unpleasant odors and pathogens (bacteria, mold), in the absence of people, on a timer.

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