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Faucet Water Purifier
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Faucet Mount Water Purifier with 7-Layer Filter


Faucet Mount Water Purifier with 7-Layer Filter Eliminates:

 •   Free chlorine
 •   Chlorine in compounds
 •   Hydrogen sulfide
 •   Iron oxide
 •   Fine particles of dirt
 •   Heavy metals
 •   Odors
 •   Bacteria
 •   Organic pollutants


Filter lifespan: 3 months.

Drinking sufficient amount of clean water daily is essential for good health. Yet the water supplied to homes has many chemicals, toxins, bacteria that can adversely affect the health of the user. While boiling the water is one way of killing the harmful bacteria, toxins and chemicals will remain in the water, which can cause health problems. Additionally the water may have an unpleasant odor or taste, which the user may not like. Many homes and offices have a tank Water Purifier installed, yet there are many disadvantages of using this water purifier. One of the main problems is that time is wasted in transferring the impure water to the water tank of the purifier so that it can be purified.


Hence, increasingly property owners prefer to install a faucet water purifier for faucets, where the water is used for drinking or cooking purposes. This water purifier is installed on the faucet, just before the faucet outlet. This ensures that tap water passes through the water purifier, which removes the chemicals, toxins, bacteria, odors, heavy metals, dirt, pollutants from the water, so that clean purified water is available to the user. The faucet purifier is cylindrical in shape, and can be easily installed or removed whenever required.


The main part of the faucet purifier is the water filter. This filter has seven different layers, so that all the chemicals, toxins, microbes and other impurities can be removed easily from the filter. The filter is cylindrical in shape. It has a hollow fiber membrane for filtering the water. The membrane is designed to remove harmful bacteria and dirt of size 0.1 micron or more from the water in the first filtration step. This water is then passed through the other filtration layers to remove the other pollutants and chemicals in the water.


The other filtration layers are enclosed in non-woven fabric. The next filtration media is Maifan stone, which is used extensively in Chinese medicine. It is a rock like mineral, which consists of different grades of feldspar, hornblende and biotite. This stone is used for conditioning water for drinking and while taking showers. It will help to remove the heavy metal ions and toxins in the water. It will also act on the harmful bacteria to destroy them and inhibit the growth of the bacteria and other microbes in future. This stone is also used in the food-processing sector for improving water taste.


The next layer of the water filter is the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) filtration media. This a patented technology which is extensively used for water purification. Chlorine is used for water purification, yet it may be harmful. So the KDF redox media is used remove the chlorine in the tap water, and usually up to 98% of the chlorine will be removed. It will also remove the heavy metal ions of lead, copper, nickel, chromium, mercury and other metals. Hydrogen sulfide, which is usually the cause of the unpleasant smell of water will be removed. Scale, bacteria and other dirt will be extracted using this media.


After this, the water purifier has a layer of activated carbon. Carbon is used extensively for filtration since it is removing the odor, taste and color. When the water will pass through this filtration layer, any chlorine remaining in the water will also be removed. Organic compounds like humic acid in the water will also be extracted. Often during rainfall, the water will get polluted or have a unpleasant smell, So this carbon filtration will remove all the smell and taste in the water, so that it completely pure, safe for drinking.


The final filtration level in the water purifier consists of calcium sulfate. High quality calcium sulfate will purify water better than many of the other materials like activated carbon and KDF media, especially if the heavy metal concentration is higher. However, the cost of this top grade calcium sulfate is often more than KDF media, so it is only used in limited quantities. In addition to removing the heavy metals in the water, this layer will remove the scale in the water. The bacteria, algae and other microbes in the water are also removed. This layer can be also used for purification of hot water during summer


Water Purity
The quality of the purified water using the faucet purifier from Ecoquest depends on a number of factors. The quality of the input water is a major factor, if the input water has few toxins, chemicals, bacteria and other pollutants, the quality of the purified water will be much better. The water purification also depends on the time the water being purified is exposed to the various layers in the water filter. If the water flow rate is less, then the water will be exposed to the filtration layers for a longer period, so almost all the pollutants will be removed and the water will have fewer impurities.


Water Filter
Like all water purifiers, the effectiveness of the faucet purifier depends largely on the condition of the water filter used. Most of the water filters used have a limited lifespan, which is defined by the seller since the filtration capacity of the filter reduces based on the amount of water it has been used to purify. Under normal usage conditions, the water filter used in this water purifier should last for a period of three months. After this the water filter used, should be replaced with a new filter. Replacement filters are available for $7.99. The water purifier is designed so that the old filter can be easily removed to replace it.


While there are a large number of water purifiers available, most of these purifiers only have a few layers of filtration media for removing the chlorine, toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other microbes from the water. Hence, the water obtained is likely to still contain some toxins, metals and bacteria. In contrast, this water purifier has seven different layers of high quality filtration media to remove all the impurities from the water. Hence, this purifier is highly recommended for families and individuals who wish to drink safe, clean and pure water.

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