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Breeze 2 Air Purifier
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Breeze 2 Air Purifier

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Up to 3600 ft²
•Ions •Ozone •UV •HEPA


24/7 coverage up to 65 m without ozone emission

Breeze 2 is a high-tech air purifier designed for operation in enclosed spaces such as offices, restaurants, commercial premises, homes, etc. The unit neutralizes viruses, bacteria, smoke, mold and most microbes in the air, additionally removing bad odors including chemicals and VOCs, mold, bacteria and viruses.


Air purifier with photocatalytic oxidation and 7 integrated decontamination technologies

Breeze 2 is one of the most advanced purifiers on the market, that helps reducing viruses and other indoor contaminants, keeping the air and surfaces clean and disinfected.


Seven Integrated Purification Technologies


Photocatalytic oxidation PCO

Advanced air purification technology that, through the combination of a catalyst and UV radiation, continuously generates oxidative radicals that destroy such particles as viruses, bacteria and mold as small as 0.001 microns on all surfaces when operating, without the need to evict people or animals from the premises.


TiO2 photocatalytic filter

This filter acts as a catalyst by reacting with a broad spectrum UV lamp which generates a sterilizing plasma composed of positive and negative charges (H+ and O2-) and advanced oxidation products (AOPs), a combination of hydrogen and oxygen compounds such as peroxide.

Evaporated hydrogen or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), hydroxides (OH-), superoxides (O2-) eliminates viruses, bacteria and mold on all surfaces.


Washable true HEPA filter

Removes small particles (up to 0.3 microns in size) from the air. Filters the pollen particles, dust, dirt flakes, pet dander or any other airborne particles with up to 99.97% efficiency.


Ion Generator

The generator produces particles with a negative electrical charge, which, when released into the environment, have the property of charging volatile organic compounds and airborne particles such as airborne dust, and, by attracting each other, gain enough mass or weight to be filtered or fall to the ground. It has also been proven to result in the mood improvement and reduced feelings of stress and fatigue, increasing concentration and work performance.


Adjustable and Disconnectable Ozone Generator

Ozone is a powerful sterilizing agent, used to kill bacteria, viruses and odors, that occurs naturally as a result of lightning strikes during thunderstorms. The advanced technology of the Airpurtec® A-280 purifier produces ozone using a corona discharge by applying a high voltage to a metal mesh bracketed by two dielectrics. The high voltage passes through the dielectric to the grounded shield, and in the process, the oxygen present in the chamber transfroms into ozone.


Active Carbon Filter

Possesses an excellent deodorizing and cleansing effect. The filter is made of porous carbon, which effectively retains organic compounds in gases and liquids. It acts as a sieve, separating the heaviest molecules from water and air, only allowing the purest particles to pass through.


Washable Permanent Air Pre-Filter

This filter is designed to block the largest airborne particles. In addition, it protects and extends the life of the high efficiency Hepa filter.

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