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Ashtray with Air Purifier
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Ashtray with Air Purifier


Inhale Naturally - Negative Ion Ashtray


• Filter harmful substances to reduce secondhand smoke

• Multiple purification filters | silent operation

• 360-degree three-dimensional surround suction design

• Side Vent Hole

• Automatic shut-down 5.20 minutes


An ashtray that will remove the smell of tobacco smoke! Smoke not only contributes to rapid indoor air pollution, but also has an irritating effect on people in the room, can cause headaches, oxygen starvation and dizziness. The ionic smoke-free air purifier generates the necessary amount of negative ions to neutralize tobacco smoke and odor in the room, and create a fresh air atmosphere in the room. It is wireless and can be used not only in the room, but also outdoors where there is no electricity.

The device instantly captures harmful microparticles of tobacco smoke and odor in the immediate vicinity of the smoke source. Ideal for offices, workrooms and other rooms where people smoke. Tobacco smoke is completely absorbed, and the air in the room becomes clean and fresh.

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